Blockchain Based Social Media
An Incentivized Social Media which rewards cryptocurrency for posting your work which is valuable to the community. HapRamp is for all the Creative heads be it photographer, musician, painter or writer.



Join like minded community of creators in each of your Interest areas. Create, curate, contribute and grow together.


You’ll earn steem tokens for the engagement you receive on your content. Users get back a share of monetary value they add to the platform and community.


Participate in live competitions to earn great monetary rewards with each post. Top contributors will get a chance to create new competitions.

And more...

On Hapramp, you own your content and you enjoy more data security and privacy. The platform is completely decentralized and functions on an open source blockchain.

About Rewards


Convert your steem tokens into fiat currency and directly withdraw into your bank account.


Instantly transfer the steem tokens to anyone on the platform from your wallet.


Pay in steem tokens to participate in contests and win Hapcoins or amazing prices.


Buy community-curated unique products from HapStore using steem tokens.


March-April 2018

Internal Testing

Testing the platform within the team and in our focus group for UI/UX improvements.

April-June 2018

Public Alpha

An Invite based early access to the HapRamp platform. Join our invite list for early access.


Beta Launch

Beta release of HapRamp platform (Android and Web Dapp) for public usage.


Competition pool Beta

Competition pool will be added to the platform. Where users can participate and win prices.



HapRamp's online store for selling community-curated unique products (supports cryptocurrency payment).


Mofid Ansari

Shubhendra Vikram

Lead Strategist
Avi Aryan

Avi Aryan

Full Stack Engineer
Pratyush Singh

Pratyush Singh

Blockchain Engineer
Shreya Singh

Shreya Singh

Public Relations Head
Ankit Kumar

Ankit Kumar

Lead Android Developer
Mofid Ansari

Mofid Ansari

UI Designer
Rajat Dangi

Rajat Dangi

Brand Strategist
Sandeep Sudhagani

Sandeep Sudhagani

Security Engineer

Support Organisation