Hapramp Studio is an Idea Lab.

We work on new technologies to make new things for the people around us. Most of the ideas that we are working on sounds a little too early for the world, yet inspiring. This page is the repository of everything uncooked happening at the Hapramp Studio.

Things we are working on

1Ramp is a social media platform for creators and artists. We always felt the need for an easier way for people to showcase their creative side, monetize their content, collaborate and build communities. 1Ramp is one place for all those who create on the Internet; photographers, writers, filmmakers, designers and artists, and while they are at it, we’ll make sure that they earn money for the value they add.

Data Ownership

We interact with people, websites, and apps on the Internet every day, leaving behind our personal data. Who owns that data? How should it be treated? Is there a way to verify if the permissions you opted-in are being followed? And How the monetary benefits from your data should be utilized? We are building a protocol for storing and treating user data on the Internet, keeping privacy, security, and trustlessness at the core.

Content Monetisation

How often do we say that “I found this on the Internet”? What we call ‘The Internet’ today is built by billions of people. People made the Internet into a giant network full of knowledge, entertainment, and possibilities. We got that part right, but we are still figuring out how to monetize people’s contribution the right way. We are exploring and building ways to help people get fair compensation for the value they add to the Internet.

People at the desks in our Studio

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Shubhendra Vikram

Business Development
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Pratyush Singh

Blockchain Engineer
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Ankit Kumar

Mobile Developer
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Mofid Ansari

UI/UX Designer
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Rajat Dangi

Brand Strategist